Install QNX RTOS 6.4 with only USB storage media


I try to install QNX on Dell with only USB storage media installation. I have read that USB support is not loaded by the boot CD.

When I boot from USB CDROM, QNX install begins but it can’t go forward without a IDE CDROM.

There’s an other solution with Momentics and TFTP integrated server but I think it’s only for install FLash image of the system.


ok. I have tried to prepare an usb stick with the vmware image. I have generated an ifs image with momentics (from the found in the installation of the IDE). I transfer the image to .boot of the usb stick.

After plugged into the target (Dell inspiron mini 10), QNX boot and want’s to apply a driver update. When I abort the apply, the pc hangs without any message.

I’ve tried to “force a partition install” but it ask the license key. When typing the key, it says that “License text could not be read” and the process aborts

Please help