QNX 6.4.0 Runtime Installation Kit

Hi, I created my runtime kit as per the following article

qnx.com/developers/docs/6.4. … rtkit.html

I just wanted to install the core OS and multi-core processing support. I succesfully made the iso and burnt it onto the CD.

But unfortunately, when I boot this CD, it gives an error.
An estimation of what comes up after booting is below

Hit Esc for .altboot…

Press the space bar to input boot options or D to disable DMA…
Trying SATA ahci. Scanning for devices…
Trying EIDE. Scanning for devices…
…found 2 devices
Detected USB. Scanning for devices…
Trying SATA mvSata. Scanning for devices…
[color=red]Spawn of /fs/cd0/rtinstall failed : No such file or directory
12298 exited with status 0
4103 exited with status 0
4102 exited with status 0
4101 exited with status 0
4100 exited with status 0
4099 exited with status 0

I had given the execute permission to the rtinstall file and also verified the permission on the boot CD. But can’t understand what the problem is.
Any suggestions/solutions?


Maybe QNX can’t find /fs/cd0?

Can you post your build file.



I am building a runtime kit and it does not have a build file but an installation script, that is available on the link I’ve mentioned, in the first post.

Anyways, I sorted it out. I enabled the debug mode (F6) while booting and then I realized the actual problem was with “sh”. The runtime kit could not find “sh”. So, I manually gave the path to “sh” and then everything started working out.

How did you " manually gave the path to ‘sh’ " ?


The runtime kit actually executes like a normal installation CD would do. In my case, at some point of time after detecting EIDE, USB & SATA devices, it gives error that it couldn’t find the script file (see the first post) and then gives a shell with root credentials.
Luckily, the runtime kit also mounted my hard disk as /fs/hd0-qnx4.
I had copied all the necessary binaries from qnxbase to this partition.
So, I executed the following

./fs/hd0-qnx4/myBin/sh rtinstall

and it started working.