Disable Frames in PWM (Photon Window Manager)

Hi All,

Is there a way in which we can disable the FRAME Region around the Application Region in Photon?

Basically, I don’t want the frame that is provided by the PWM.

Another way, I tried to implement it is by slaying PWM (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+BackSpace) and manually started the followings:

Photon &

io-graphics &

myGUIApplication &

devi-hid mouse kbd &

The USB Mouse just works fine, but the keys F1 to F8 callbacks dont work. It seems that the USB keyboard stops working.
If I change the order of invoking myGUIApplication, it doesn’t work as well since after executing devi-hid, my keyboard again stops working.

Any workarounds???

I think you are on the right track. Running without the window manager will allow you to run applications without the frame. You also lose the window buttons, and the user won’t be able to move or resize the windows. Presumably that is what you want.

I don’t know what you are using F1-F8 for. If it is, for example the F4 kill program feature, well yeah! This is probably implemented though the window manager. If so you will have to implement this directly in you applications.

It’s possible, but I really doubt that killing the window manager would affect the keyboard driver. Do the text keys still work?

you can also set some flags in PhAB to get the same affect, and should be more clean in my opinion.


The application has the F1 - F8 callbacks, by the API PtAddHotKeyHandler ().

So, when Window manager is running, these F1-F8 callbacks work fine, but when I kill the window manager, the keys F1-F8 callbacks don’t work. But, the keyboard driver is still working, because when I press “Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Backspace” keychord, the console driver exits Photon.

I’m excited by the option that you have mentioned. Can you please elaborate more on how to do this?

Thanks in Advance.