Electric Fence Available for QNX

Electric Fence has been ported to QNX and is available at: sourceforge.net/projects/openqnx/.

ElectricFence is a dynamic memory debugging library, which helps you find dynamic memory under and over runs. ElectricFence was originally pointed out to me and ported to QNX by Jim Prezorski. I did a minor clean up in the port so it wouldn’t break any of the other OS builds.

The library is very simple to use - simply do following steps:

  1. Unpack the tgz file
  2. Do a make and make install
  3. Link libefence.a to your application (-lefence)
  4. Run you application and efence will cause a segmentation violation at the point were a memory under/over-run occurs.
  5. Use your favorite debugger to determine location of memory under/over-run.



You should really look into making packages. There not hard to make. :stuck_out_tongue:

Alright I will take a look at that the next time.