QNX 6.3.1 - Build Issue

I have QNX 6.3.1 installed on my system (i.e. Service Pack 1). Recently, I perform a build of a target image (make all) and something very strange happened. The image contains several (hundreds) executables from the Integrated Development Environment (ex. io-net, ping, stty, etc.). When I built the image, I noticed about 5-6 of the executables were older versions of what they should have been. Specifically, it appeared these executables were from QNX 6.3.0 (and not Service Pack 1) – I broke down the associated HEX files to confirm this. What I cannot determine is, if I have Service Pack 1 installed on my system, how can the old version of the executable make it to the final image during the build process? Just to be sure, on my system, I verified that all dates and sizes of the executables in question were what they should be (Service Pack 1 dates). I have no idea where these older versions could have come from!

Kevin Hill


First, when you say you did a build of a target image I assume you mean the boot image (.boot file). Is this correct? I just want to make sure since you mention your image has ‘hundreds of executables’ in it.

Second, are you running the IDE directly on QNX (self hosted) or are you running the IDE under Windows?


Sorry, I should have more specific. I have a BSP type image I am building. It creates a 32M image file (*.bin) that consists of boot code, startup code, the QNX OS code, and the application processes.

Let me know if you need any more details.



You didn’t answer my question about whether you were doing this make process from a QNX version of the Momentics IDE or from a Windows version of the Momentics IDE.

In either case, I suspect the SP 1 that you downloaded and installed only updated the x86 version of the executables and not the ones for your BSP (processor).

Under a windows install (assuming installed directly on the C drive) you can see this in


Each directory in here is for a processor type or board.

On a QNX install it’s the same thing but located in


You should check your make file to see where it’s grabbing the binaries from.