Reading input from a Hardware

I’m rather new to QNX programming. However I’m assigned to use this OS to get the input of a hardware. I’ve tried using read function but then the hardware “hangs” after each operation of the program and I need to reset the hardware. I’m not sure if it’s the correct way of reading the collected input data also.

Is there anyone who has similiar source codes where I can take referneces to?

QNX provides the DDK in /usr/src/ddk-6.2.1. In particular, you might want to read the source code of “char” and “input”.
Good luck in your adventure!

If this is for internal use then you can get quick results by hitting the hardware directly from your main program. QNX is flexible :slight_smile:

Also, this is a good way to test your hardware coding. Then, later on, that program can be stripped back to the basic accessing and wrapped into a “Resource Manager” for more general use.

Well there could be LOTS of reasons why the hardware hangs, most of them not QNX related ;-) More detail then “using read function” would help us help you.