Don't understand error message

I am working on a autonomous locomotive robot which seems to hang after abt 40 sec. of run.

I get the following error message:

Failed to read message, code (2)
Shutdown[0,0] S/C/F=11/4/2 C/D=F00129b6/f0046ec0 state(d0)=now lock exit
[0]PID-TID=1-1? P/T FL=00019001/08800000 “/86/boot/sys/procnto”
[0]ASPACE PID=4101 PF=00001010 “poc/booy/io-net”
x86 context[feff4f74]:



I have no clue what the error message is saying. Does it say what and where went wrong? software or hardware?

Does anyone know the answer to the previous?


It means an SIGSEGV happened in what looks like an interrupt handler of one of the driver used by io-net. Could be a hardware problem or a bug in a driver.

Thanks for the reply. But how would I know whether it’s a hardware problem or a bug in the driver? How do I pinpoint it exactly?

I have a question about the hardware. I am using pc104 in my robot which has a ram plugged to it. Would an interruption in the signals between the ram and pc104 cause the pc104 to hang during operation?

Not sure what you mean by interruptin in signals? Obviously if there is a hardware problem that disrupts signals between the ram and cpu hell will ensue.

Ah the mysteries of hardware. A good place to start is simple intuition. Do you have any reason to think the hardware is bad? Did you wire something yourself? Or is it an SBC that you purchased? Can you swap it out for a duplicate and see if the problem persists.

Without a good reason to think it is hardware, assume a driver problem. A good way to check this is to move the interrupt code out of the interrupt handler. This might not be a good way to run your system, but you are doing it just to check. If you have a problem in your interrupt handler, once it is running in program space, you will get a process crash instead of a system crash and you can diagnose the problem much more easily.