Brand spankin' new


Just download QNX and so far I love it! I do have a couple of problems though…

How do I get my sound to work? As far as I know I have never heard of anywhere you can get QNX drivers. I would like to be able to play MP3s on it.

I would also like to find some good software for it such as graphics editors and word processors. Any ideas where i can get these? I just need to get some apps. Is most stuff for QNX free?

Thanks, any tips on getting into this would be appreciated. I might have found something that replaces windows longhorn on my primary machine.

In you can know if your hardware is supported by QNX.

If you are using version 6.2.1, here in the download section you can get the 3rd party CD, which contains many programs and software for QNX 6.2.1. Of course is free.

That is the link, try with it.

I hope it helps…

Sound, if your card is not supported, and you have a free PCI slot, a $10 card will suffice, but check the list at

Graphics, there is The GIMP, and Pixel32 is worth a look. Word processors are a bit more thin on the ground, there is Abiword but I get awful screen redraw using that. The GIMP is on the online repository at and a google for Pixel32 should find it.

Lots of QNX software is free, or quite cheap shareware, depends what you want. Pixel32 is shareware IIRC.

is there any way I can run windows programs on QNX? is there some sort of emulator?

(or can I get crucified for even asking!?)

Maybe you could get Bochs to work, under X11. Even on a super-fast PC, I’d expect performance to not be so hot. If you have any specific requirements, there could be alternatives available as X11/UNIX ports or native QNX/Photon programs. I don’t think there is anything like VirtualPC available for QNX.

rick has been working on a “wine” port. You may be able to see it once QNX 6.3 comes out in the new year :slight_smile:

We can hope. So far there are some really serious hurdles to overcome - I should know literally in a week or two if they are solvable. Wine does some really funky magic which appears to depend on particular behaviour internal to linux/bsd. If I can figure out a QNX way to do it, I will continue on to the next hurdle, if not, it will be over.


ok, another question:

I want to install QNX on my laptop, but do not have a CD rom drive. I doubt I will have sound or IR but I can live with that as I would like to dual boot and would have all of that with windows 98. it is an older laptop (a P133 w/ a 1.3G HD)

First i plugged my laptop HD into my desktop and installed it there off of my cd rom, same way I do when installing windows. when booting up it haltes gives me this:

/dev/pci/ did not mount

so I copied all the install files to partition 1 and made a floppy boot disk but this does the same thing. Any idea?

crane550: “/dev/pci did not mount”

If ‘pci-bios’ could not launch on the laptop you are probably facing the same issue as I do – your PCI controller / BIOS is not supported by qnx.
I have a MediaGx-based thin client (Uniden UX-101) that has ALL the chips(NIC to IO) supported by QNX, but for the PCI implementation. I’m screwed, stuck with running Debian. :[

If that is the case at you, you probably wont run QNX on that laptop[period]

OTOH, I was glad to hear there are very nice laptops available that DO run the latest QNX, like the excellent Dell Inspiron 8x00 series. Those are very good quality laptops at a reasonable price, so just in case you want a 100% up-to-date portable QNX box…

If your laptop has enough ram (>512M) and decent processor have a look at VMWare. It will allow you to run/QNX inside Windows (or Linux).
No more compatibility problem.

so how do I do that? keep in mind i’m brand new to it so sorry if i ask a stupid question

Get vmware ( there is 30 day evaluation version. Then install it ;)

There is an article somewhere around here that explains how to install QNX in vmware.