problem with ftp

when i try to connect my qnx system from windows system(using ftp) it is connecting for first time and when i quit that ftp session and try to connect it again it is giving error “connection refused by remote host” …can any one please tell me why this is happening.

I guess you are starting the ftpd manually? I suggest you let inetd start the ftpd. You need to configure the /etc/inetd.conf file to start the ftpd.

no i am starting inetd only and i verify the file /etc/inetd.conf file the ftp line in that file is in uncomment only

hmm I don’t know what to say, if it made connection for the first time I don’t know why it wouldn’t make it for the second time then. what login are you using, root? can you check the process that is running after first connection and check it again after disconnecting it and again after trying to connect for the second time? is Inetd still running in all those cases? check the /etc/ftpusers and see who is listed there. lastly are you connecting locally or through firewall, or internet etc… just trying to get some more information.

After you exit the first ftp connection, use the ‘pidin’ command on QNX and make sure inetd is still running.


k thank u all , i got the solution

it would be nice if you can post your solution/fix to help others with similar problem.