killerAudio and QNX 6.4.1


I’ve installed killerAudio (downloaded from ), and the application appears to be running fine.

I’ve added some MP3s to the media library and have set up a playlist, but when I attempt to play a file nothing happens?

The only thing displayed on the console is:

AoOpenFilespec("/home/darran/NIN/Fixed/02 Wish [Mix].mp3" ): No error

Has anyone seen this before, and know of a solution? I’ve tried removing spaces from the filename with no result. The MP3s are VBR encoded using LAME 3.97.

Or if killerAudio is not supported on 6.4.1, then does anyone have a suggestion for a similar application?

And what is the latest version of Abiword to work under QNX? All I can find in v1.0.2 in a repository, and have found some references to v2.0 working but no package associated with v2.0.

PS. Running QNX in VirtualBox 3.1.0. Audio is working, as using VLC to play a movie encoded in DivX works fine. (VLC grabbed from ).

I think does are meant for qnx 6.3.x

Thanks for the confirmation.