More slots in the partition table


I have a disk of 256 MB, with the usable disk space of 249 MB. I wanted to create 6 partitions as per my requirement on this disk. I used fdisk for this purpose, but I’m only able to create 4 partitions since there are only 4 available slots in the partition table for /dev/hd0.

The fourth slot in the partition table has a partition of around 97 mb. But I need to split this 97 MB into equal partitions of 30 MB each. Any suggestions on how could this be done.

The standard says you can’t have more then 4 partitions. If you want more then 4 you need to use special loader and special tools that QNX doesn’t supply/support.

Mario, He didn’t say he needed 4 bootable partitions. I vaguely remember something about a setting up an extended partition, which could itself have partitions in it. I thought I remembered Bill Flowers saying that this would be easy to implement and that he would. Of course this was QNX 4 days. Does anyone know if this is supported in QNX 6?