Adding Services to QNX Kernel

Hi folks I have a question regarding the viability of a project. I’m doing my thesys and I need an “OS” (or something like it) to an Embedded System to support some services as virtual clusterization, dynamic voltage and frequency scalling among others. I´ve been checking references and wonder if a combination of QNX and Simics can be used to this task. Simics would give me cycle accuracy while QNX would avoid me the work to implement things like a scheduler.
My questions:
[]Can I tweak the kernel to support those features?
]Does QNX supports OpenMP and/or MPI?

From Wikipedia

Dynamic voltage scaling is a power management technique in computer architecture, where the voltage used in a component is increased or decreased, depending upon circumstances. Dynamic voltage scaling to increase voltage is known as overvolting; Dynamic voltage scaling to decrease voltage is known as undervolting. Undervolting is done in order to conserve power, particularly in laptops and other mobile devices, where energy comes from a battery and thus is limited. Overvolting is done in order to increase computer performance.

In computer architecture, frequency scaling (also known as frequency ramping) is the technique of ramping a processor’s frequency so as to achieve performance gains. Frequency ramping was the dominant force in commodity processor performance increases from the mid-1980s until roughly the end of 2004.

QNX is software. These seem to be hardware issues.

I don’t think QNX supports Simics, but you might want to check out WindRiver.

Those are hardware services which must be supported in some level by the OS, for example as interruptions. I will take a deep look in WindRiver thanks a lot for the input :slight_smile: