Building custom widget DLL for window's PhAB

Hi, i’m working with QNX 6.4.1, wich for x reason it only comes with Momentics for Windows, currently i need to create a series of widgets as a part of a group of applications for automation, so i started to dive into the documentation and i’ve been able to create the custom widget “Shadowedbox” that comes into the docs in the PhAB on the target QNX machine, but as there is no more Momentics for QNX, i need to make this widgets visible in the PhAB that comes for Windows, i followed the instructions and installed cygwin with gcc and all, but the thing throws me errors for a lifetime, i even found this post from jinma saying that some include files needed a fix, but that was for QNX 6.3, now in the 6.4 apparently there are still the same issues but there’s no attached file in the post for me to watch, and i’m lost on what could be here.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


I think PhAB stuff is unchanged from 6.3.x to 6.4.1 so you might get lucky. I have done this long time ago and seem to remember that installing latest cygwin caused the issue because some .h file was out dated. You can either install the older version of cygwin that qnx used to make everything simple or I’ll attach my .h file that I used when I did mine 2 years ago or so. I would like to help you further but I am so busy with my project I can’t dig in my self. Good luck

Thank you very, very, much. I’ll take a look, and i’ll let you know what happend :smiley:

I just found my old note that says these two files are changed. I will attach them again as my previous is not correct.

Ok, testing … thank you :smiley:

mcamargo, have you got this working? because I’m now trying to do this in 6.5.0 and can’t do it. let me know if you were successful in 6.4.x