QNX4 and NFS Client

I bough the Western Digital My Book Ethernet Drive 2 terabyte and my LAN connection is 100 MB. I mounted the drive in QNX4 using mount_nfs and everything works well except that the transfer is very slow.

I did a test with a file of 10 Megs and here is the speed that I get

From windows to QNX
FTP TO QNX Local Drive = ~5 sec
FTP TO QNX NFS Partition (WD Drive) = ~40 sec

From Windows to WD Drive
FTP 1 sec
NFS ~1 sec

Is there anything that I could do to make QNX faster?

If there is no option with QNX4. Could you tell me if QNX Neutrino can provide similar performance as the windows platform?


I installed QNX Neutrino 6.3.2 and mounted my WD Drive using NFS Client ver3 (fs-nfs3 -64 bytes).

I FTP from my windows machine to QNXNTO (WD NFS Partition) and now i’m getting 20 sec to transfer 10 megs. But the router indicate that my connection is only 10 MB.

Checking hardware and see if the network adapter support 100 MB

Make sure your ethernet cables are Cat 5. It should have 8 wires. If less you are probably running 10BaseT instead of 100TX.

what maschoen said. also, if the box in whiich U’re running QNX4 has an ISA ethernet card, U won’t be able to get better than 10BaseT, because the ISA bus can’t go any faster (i found out that one the hard way! :-<).