Install media options

Does anyone know if it’s possible to install QNX 6.4.1 from a USB Key to a harddrive? Or at least have instructions on how to make a bootable USB key image from the current ISO?

I ask, as many recent operating systems* allow you to do this for systems that don’t have a DVD/CD drive, eg Netbooks.

*Ones that I know of that are capable of installing from USB media are Windows 7, OpenSolaris, Linux and FredBSD.


Yup, it’s definitely possible.

You’ll need to create a custom boot image (.boot file) that starts the usb driver instead of the IDE driver.

Asusming you’ve installed Momentic’s, look in the doc’s under the System Builder chapter for samples of how to create a custom boot image. Depending on your specific needs, you can probably just take the default image and replace the IDE driver with the usb driver.

The steps will be:

  1. Create a custom boot image (.boot file) using the System Builder.
  2. Format the USB drive with a QNX filesystem
  3. Copy the .boot image to the USB drive along with any other files you want to install. (there is another chapter on creating an installable system. In 6.3 it was possible to get a runtime image)


Thanks, will give it a try.