USB touchscreen

I would like to try using the Generic HID Compliant Touchscreens (devi-hid), how can I set this up? I tried plugging it in and running “calib” but it wouldn’t work. Everytime when I touch the screen, phlocale would run.

This is how my system is running right now

 pid Arguments
   1 procnto
   2 /sbin/tinit -p
4099 pci-bios
4100 slogger -s32
4101 io-usb -duhci -dohci -dehci
4103 devc-con-hid -n4
8200 devb-eide blk auto=partition dos exe=all cam quiet
8201 umass-enum -h hd -d /dev -m /fs/hd -f /proc/boot/umass-enum.cfg

16394 pipe
20491 mqueue
81933 devc-ser8250 -u1 3f8,4 -u2 2f8,3
81936 io-net -ptcpip
106511 dhcp.client -i en0 -m -u -t 1
114700 devc-pty -n 32
118798 random -t
139281 dumper -d /q/logs/dumps -m -n
143378 qconn
184339 login
184340 login
184341 login
229400 Photon -g -lphlogin2 “-Sphshutdown -l”
258073 phfont -d /usr/photon/font_repository
270362 fontsleuth -d /usr/photon/font_repository
299037 io-graphics -di830 vid=0x8086 -pphoton hwcursor
331798 login
552996 inetd
684038 io-hid -d ps2ser kbd:kbddev:ps2mouse:mousedev -d usb /dev/io-usb/io-usb
704542 phrelay -x
725020 devi-hid mouse
913439 pwm
958496 shelf
995361 bkgdmgr
995362 wmswitch
995363 saver
1036326 inetd
1048613 pterm
1060887 /bin/sh
1073179 phlocale -t
1089575 pidin arg

got it working, I don’t know why qnx don’t include their patches that was released for 6.3.0 sp3 on 6.3.2?
I searched for the touch screen driver and came across a new version of devi-hid that now supports the “touch” option for HID touch screens.