Create menu structure for PtWindow


I want to create a simple menu for a PtWindow-widget:

A menubar that contains two menus (e.g. “File” and “Info”). Every menu itself contains at least one menu item (e.g. “Open”, “Save” and “Exit” for the “File” menu).

The QNX documentation tells me something about a PtMenuBar: … nubar.html

According to that description such a menu bar can contain my menus “File” and “Info” as PtMenuButton, these buttons itself can contain the menu items as PtMenu. When I add the PtMenuBar to my PtWindow it looks like it could work.

But when I look at … tmenu.html there is an example that doesn’t uses a menubar but a PtGroup.

The bad thing is: both methods do not work for me, my menubar can hold only one menu (the last one that uses the menu bar ar parent), when I use the PtGroup only and add it to my window the nice-looking has gone and the menus overlap each other and when I I use the PtMenuBar as parent of the PtWindow and the PtGroup as parent of the PtMenuBar the result is even more strange, the menu bar is smaller than intended and not used by the group.

So my question is: how does it work really? How can I build up such a menu structure when I do not want to use the AppBuilder? The QNX documentation seems to be really lousy here…

Did you use a PtDivider as a parent of your menu buttons? Did you check the STRECH_HORIZONTAL flag of the divider?