Advanced Graphics Handler?

I can Draw some line or bitmap on QNX without photon, but How can I add handler like Phab widget?

may be when I loading a bmp file I wanna give it to name first before loading image and thus view which I choose

What do you mean by “without Photon”?

Mario, he can create graphics using OpenGL without Photon. I imagine one could also investigate the actual graphics interface and use it directly.

The answer to CMLDMR’s question requires one to ponder what a Widget is in the first place.
It’s a piece of code that deftly combines the drawing of graphics with knowledge of relevant events, eg. a mouse pointer over head and a mount button being clicked.

That being the case, if you want a Widget but you don’t want to use Photon, the answer is, write the code that does what you want.

maschoen answered my question, for example, on screen I want to display the time “20:25:59”, in the photon its confirm with qlabel or button ok.

But the advanced graphics I can’t use photon App. How can I display time info?

I think what you need to is 11 graphics, one each of 0, 1, 2, …, 9 and :
Then you will need a way to put those graphics on the screen. How you will do this without Photon I don’t know although I’ve already suggested you figure out how to talk directly to the graphics driver. Why you want to do this without Photon I can’t fathom.

I don’t know much about the Advanced Graphics stuff, but from what I know you have to handle everything yourself, the hard way.

That being said I thing you can display Photon stuff inside Advanced Graphics layer.

I want to write Without photon because when I added photon widget or window in my code, compiled well, but in running error message
when I run the photon, Advanced graphics doesn’t support gdev_attach() command

in IDE:

Now I can’t find but topic of “How Advanced Graphics running” ok.

there is written; “in display options->global options->No start up Photon”
your application can run while turned off photon,

is that true? its running with No Photon but I didn’t try more than few times while photon running.
if that is can be How can I do?

Isn’t this option used when you want text mode ?

It seems to me from a reading of CMLDMR’s posts that he is not very experienced as a programmer in general, not just qnx. He would do well to thoroughly read the qnx documentation.

ianc I know C/C++ but in the QNX, I am making things diffucult cause of QNX specified code and IDE configuration

at the later time; I want to connect a video cam, Motion tracking on the screen and with this processed data controlling some hardware with serial port, For example connecting a PIC and controlling camera motor for rotation and go forward - back.

ok I give up this problem,I will back to this problem later,Now let’s some testing on serial port!

Just to be sure, you choose not to use Photon just because you can’t start it? How about fixing the error you mention (Unable to locate Photon)? On the QNX User Portal ‘Foundry27’ there is a Graphics ‘Project’ and it has a Photon section with a complete build file for all you need to get Photon up.

Also, if you want to use OpenGL ES, you can with Photon, there are examples there, too (gf-ph-3d).

This reminds me of a big project I was called into a number of years ago. The company had hired a contractor with no QNX experience. He couldn’t figure Photon out so instead he just wrote a graphics library from scratch.

Last night Coming an Idea :smiley:, I have taken a glance advanced graphic from beginning in help file, I think some such as in the picture.

Can it be True? can I do that?
When it can be How can I attach photon 2 surface2?