dfs support in fs-cifs

Has anybody had any success connecting to a dfs network share using fs-cifs on Neutrino 6.4.0? I can mount a local shared folder from my windows (XP Pro) machine no problem. I can also mount the head of the dfs namespace (\servername\dfs) and get a file listing. When I go down into the directories though, I get into Bad file descriptor errors; fs-cifs fails with a Bad file descriptor error if I try to mount a directory further down the tree.

For reference, I used:
fs-cifs -a -vvvvvv //servername:serverip:/dfs /mnt USERNAME PASSWORD
I tried with and without the -a

I read that linux cifs is buggy with dfs, so I was wondering if a similar phenomenon might be giving rise to my present strife.

Thanks for your help,