Pls help me,How can i print in photon by using HPLaserJet 6L

when i try to print text and graphics on HPLaserJet 6L in QNX 6.2,i encount a problem.
first ,when the system boot up, it can not find the printer,because when i try to print a file edit in ped, i can not select the “send to device”,and the name of printer is blank.
i found in /dev/,this is no sub folder name /printers, then i add rc.local /etc/rc.d/,it contain the following
spooler -d/dev/par1 -c/etc/printers/phs-to-pcl.cfg -nHP

after i root the system , when i print in ped ,this time,i can select the “send to device”,and the name of printer is HP.
but after i press the “print” button, the printer print a blank paper!!!

in order to test whether the printer can print some thing,under the terminal in utilities, i type

cat >/dev/par1
hello ,this is a text

but this time it can print !

so i want to konw if anyone encount similar problems, pls help me!

The QNX pcl driver has problems with some laserjet printers for quite some time. Looks like it is still not fixed :frowning: Hopefully they will fix it in the next release. BTW, are you using QNX 6.2 or 6.2.1 ?

In the meantime, you could try the Postscript driver …

i am using the QNX6.2.1, and how can i use the Postscript driver for my LaserJet6L under Photon, because i want draw graphics and print them.
In the meantime ,how can i configure the printer manully, if the QNX pcl driver has some problems ,i will not use my printer ?

In your rc.local, instead of
spooler -d/dev/par1 -c/etc/printers/phs-to-pcl.cfg -nHP

you can use
spooler -d/dev/par1 -c ps -nHP
spooler -d/dev/par1 -c pcl -nHP

to switch between PostScript and PCL driver.

first ,thanks for ur help.
i have try this method, when i use
spooler -d/dev/par1 -c ps.cfg -nHP

in ped ,i type some text and print it ,the result on the A4 paper is
%!PS-Adobe-2.0 EPSF-3.0
%%Creator: Photon Postscript Filter[v

when i use
spooler -d/dev/par -c pcl.cfg -nHP
and print text in ped,the result paper is blank!

so, what’s wrong? Is QNX 6.2.1 do not support the HPLaserJet 6L?
does anyone print text and graphics on other type of printers ?

well, looks like your printer doesn’t support PostScript. You have a few choices :

  1. change to another printer.
  2. wait until QNX fix the pcl driver issue.

If you are a commercial user, you can probably contact Richard Freeman who is the author of those /usr/bin/phs-to-* tools. If you are lucky, you may get a new one to try out even if you are a non commercial user :slight_smile: