Can not start HAM in boot script

Hi all,
I can not start HAM in boot script.
However, when system booted, I type ham in console and it run OK.

   Here is my ham related command in boot script.

[color=red] ham -vvvvvv
waitfor /dev/ham 4

   Below is the verbose info when I use "ham -vvvvvv" in boot script.

[color=blue]0.000000000s: Ham: Started: (1456000000)
0.075000000s: Ham: Log timestamp started:1970/01/01 00:00:01:530000000
0.161000000s: Ham: No such file or directory:could not spawn guardian

I try placing the "ham -vvvvvv" command in different position in boot script (even the last line). But it can not start. 

Do you have any ideas?

I think it is looking for a program called guardian that it can’t find. Maybe it is not in the boot file, or not in a location that can be found?