help!!!!!!!Unable to access /dev/hd0t179

I am trying to install QNX 6.4.0 on PC
PC is equipped with SATA hard disk. windows 7 installed in first 400 Gb of disk, next 100 GB un-allocated for QNX partition.

  1. After I select “Install to hard drive” option installer writes on screen:

    Trying SATA ahci. Scanning for devices…

Trying EIDE. Scanning for devices…
… found 2 devices

Detected USB. Scanning for devices…

Trying SATA mvSATA. Scanning for devices…

Started installation is interrupted with message on screen:
“unable to access /dev/hd0t179
Mounting filesystems…
Partition installation aborted!
Please remove the installation media, then reboot your machine”

It is interesting that QNX file system is created on hard drive when I look at disk partitions using disk partition tool after reboot.

I read a thread said a solution is enlarge the exsiting patition,but I don’t understand what is this meaning?

Can anyone explain this solution or any other solutions??

Many thanks in advance!


well, I installed QNX, but the win 7 can not boot, said BOOTMGR is missing…my god!!


So you are saying you now have QNX installed on the 100 GB partition and Win 7 on the 400 GB partition. QNX boots fine but Win 7 does not? Is that correct?

How are you deciding which O/S to boot? Are you using the QNX boot loader or a 3rd party one like Grub?


Yes, Im using QNX boot loader


Doing a QNX install doesn’t do anything to a windows partition so I’m not sure why Win 7 doesn’t boot.

If you boot QNX and do an ‘fdisk /dev/hd0’ command what does it show you? Do the Windows and DOS partition sizes/types still look correct?


It’s ok now, I fix the startup of win7 with the win7 dvd. and the qnx works fine as well…thx