QNX 6.4.1 re-partition disk

Hi all,

I am having difficulty with paritioning my QNX 6.4.1 install. When I initially install 6.4.1 I stupidly choose the power safe file system (type 179). I have now found that the installer has only partitioned 4Gb worth of space.

I am trying to increase the size of this to no avail. Is there any way in fdisk to re-partition the exsisting disk without trashing the data on it ?

Thanks in advance.

Also I meant to say I have install qnx onto microsoft virtual pc, but now when I try to re-install I get to the part where I should press F1 and pressing F1 does nothing 0_o.


You can not resize a QNX partition.

So if you need more than 4 Gigs of space you’ll have to delete the virtual image and start again from scratch.