QNX2 networking


I am trying to connect to ip addresses to the same network port. I want to do this so I can connect to two networks…

You are running QNX 2? I vaguely recall a tcpip product for QNX2. Give us an idea of what software you are using and what is working or not.

I want to be able to doing things like ftp to a computer on a 10.10 network and then to a wan network using the same interface card.

  1. Confirm you are using QNX 2 - I don’t think QNX shipped TCPIP for QNX2 and it was a 3rd party product.
  2. Are you sure you have ethernet and not arcnet? I don’t think you can do TCPIP over arcnet.

I looked at the version number again it’s qnx 2.5. I can definitly ftp into the system. I want to know if I could use two ip addresses.

Can you give me the output from the following commands?

tsk info

You cannot assign two ip addresses to the same ethernet device. If you need to access to network, either you install two network card or you go through a router/gateway to access the “other network”.

Mario, are you talking about QNX2 in specific? ifconfig alias works in most environments.

That news to me ;-) But can the aliases IP address be in a different segment?

virtual host (IP alias) is a result of the web popularity. I doubt the old 3rd party TCPIP stack for QNX 2 supports that, since it is before the web age :slight_smile: But then, I am not a QNX 2 expert, it may. Best thing is to check the document. BTW, we still don’t know which 3rd party tcpip stack the orignal poster is using.

mario, yes, you can alias IP address of a different segment…