Cannot drive the audio card, please help..

The audio card on the PC is on the support list, use pci in terminal the result is :

Class= Multimedia (RAM)—I don’t know why is RAM, it should be Audio?
VID= 8086H
DID=3a3eh 82801JI,

The support list said it can be drived by I have checked the is in the /lib/dll. so I try :
io-audio -d intelhda in the terminal, but the /dev/snd fold is empty…
and I also try to add following command in the /etc/system/enum/devices/audio
device(pci, ven=$(PCI_VEND_INTEL), dev=3A3E)
append(legacy, “,noaudio”)
mount("-Tio-audio -opci=$(index) /lib/dll/deva-ctrl-intel_hda",)
after reboot the PC, there is no snd fold in /dev/ at all,

Does this mean the audio card not supported?Or I made some mistake?
Thank you.

Well, I got confused again, according to the manual of the motherboard, the audio card is VIA VT1708S, so it is not supported,
But I can only find the above vid and did information for a mutimedia with PCI -V, which shows it is a audio controller but from intel corporation,why?
Does this means the audio card cannot be detected by PCI command?

And the sound card I have are all not supported…like CMIcmi8738, VT1723… anyone have the driver??
Or can I use out8 to output a serial of signals without driver, and the output can be monitored in a cilloscope?

Third party driver are extremely rare. Unless you can find a sound card that QNX support , you will have to write your own driver. To do this you will need the specification of the sound card to control it, there are no standard for that. Each model of sound chip is different.