Exclusive tabs


I am working on making an interface using tabs so the user can easily click and have the screen change between modes. I have obviously found the TAB button in PhAB, but I was wondering if there is a built-in way for the other tabs to deselct when any other tab is selected, because right now I can select none to all of them (i.e. any number of them can be highlighted, and I want only 1 at all times), or do I have to make a callback function to make sure all other tabs are deselected once I click a particular tab?

Also, the way I was going to change the screen was simply to have everything on top of each other, then have a “backdrop” rectangle as large as the area I want to change which is a solid color, just a background, that would be brought to the front. Then I would bring the appropriate widgets to the front as well. This would be called each time a tab is clicked (could put in a redundancy line, if you click a tab you’re already on). I was wondering if this is the best way to accomplish this or if someone has thought of a better way. Thanks!

The New Guy

For anyone wondering this, I managed t get it working. Group the tabs and set the flag for being exclusive.

As for the screen changing, although the “move to front” method worked, I found realizing and unrealizing things to be cleaner and leaves out the need to remember what is in front of what.