sharing a directory between windows and QNX 6.x.x?

I would like to develop in windows with momentics IDE but I want to run and build GUI from QNX. So I create phab project in momentics and switch over to qnx and run “ab” and open the same phab project and and work on the GUI and generate UI, and jump back to windows IDE. How can I share this project folder between windows and qnx? SAMBA?

or NFS. But if you are doing everything else in Windows, why bother using Phab in QNX?

I regularly use fs-cifs which I believe is a QNX recompile of some of the Samba code. I had some issues where I was reconnected to the same network share in a script. So now at the top of the script I added

slay -f fs-cifs

which kills all of the fs-cifs processes.

thanks, I got fs-cifs working. Just matter of setting up the windows box and passing the correct network address to fs-cifs made it work.
The reason I want to develop in photon app in QNX is because it is painful to compile my custom widget with cygwin in windows to make the “phab” work in windows. I have done it once in 6.3.0 days but I can’t seem to do it again in 6.5.0 + phab runs way better in QNX ;)