low cost ARM11 development kit

The OK6410 is another ARM11 rapid development kit released by Witech, it includes one TE6410-CORE SOM module (S3C6410 micro controller, 128MB DDRram, 256MB NAND Flash), one OK6410 carrier board and a 4.3" TFT LCD with touch panel. The OK6410 supports most of the main-stream embedded OSes such as Linux, WinCE, Android, Vxworks, uCos/II etc.

Specifications of OK6410 include:
Core Board — 6 layer PCB, stable performance tested through electromagnetism
• Samsung S3C6410 microcontroller based on the ARM1176JZF-S core, main frequency @ 533/667MHz;
• 128MB DDRram;
• 256MB NAND Flash;
• 12MHzã€