Photon App built using the PhAB

Hi all,

I was wondering if there was someway to add a target for different versions of the OS into the PhAB? The only targets I can currently see are for different instruction sets.

What I mean by this is for each in a makefile I could add a new target for qnx6.3 and do:

make qnx6.3

To compile to QNX6.3 and I could also do the same for QNX6.4.

I was wondring if anyone knows any handy ways of doing this using the PhAB or if i’ll just have to edit the makefiles by hand?

Thanks in advance,


Well first of all I think you mean Eclipse, not PhAB.
I think what you are asking for can be achieved but I don’t know if it can be done easily in Eclipse.
You can have multiple versions of QNX installed, and therefore it is just a matter of having the
build and/or makefile files point at the right files.


I mean PhAB my application was built from the ground up using the PhAB. This was back when QNX sold there dev suite in two versions standard and professional. My company opted for the cheaper of the two so I was never able to use the eclipse plugin.

I guess it doesn’t matter I’ll just write a shell script.

Thanks anyway!