QNX Neutrino 6.3.2 Benchmarking

Can anyone tell me how to do benchmarking in QNX Neutrino 6.3.2 ?

There are no real benchmark software for QNX. There are some program here and there but nothing fancy. I guess what is important is what you want to benchmark? And what is the benchmark for?

In a nutshell, context switches are astonishingly fast, interrupt latencies are ridiculously short and hard disk performances is relatively poor. The GNU compiler is pretty darn good these days, but that’s not really the OS. I’ve heard that there’s a compiler that comes with the IDE for Windows that creates better code, but I’ve never tried it.

The compiler for the IDE is the same, gcc. However you can get the optional Intel compiler that proud itself at producing faster code then gcc.

Mario, this is what I heard, but I didn’t know you have to “get” the Intel compiler. How do you do that?

software.intel.com/en-us/article … resources/

Last time I check it wouldn`t work on a 64bits version of Windows ( being XP, Vista, or 7 ). According to the doc, only XP is supported ;-(

I am trying to benchmark the os functionalities like Context switching, semaphores, message passsing, mutex etc. I have referred the QNX Neutrino Kernel benchmark Methodology doucment(downloaded from www.qnx.com) but I am not clear how to do this.

The document only give and overview of how and what is benchmarked. There is not program nor code sample provided. That means you have to roll up your own benchmark program.

No need to roll your own benchmark - just download a benchmark made by QNX on a platform that is close to yours.