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Are fish nets more attractive with hairy legs?

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QNX 6.10
AMD Duron 1Ghz
2000MB QNX file system
Trident accalerated Blade 3D ProMedia vidcard (8MB) set @ 800x600, 16b color and 60Hz refresh.
Intel V92 HaM modem - PCI with PNP port selection.

The shelves, task bar stuff vanishes for no reason and the modem port will not show up. In Windoze it sets to COM4 IRQ10 IOR DC00 - DCFF.
Also the CDRW will not show up, even though it is the only Optical drive installed, but that is something I am sure I can fix…

6.2 comes in M$ installable no?
I guess I could just download the latest reduced ISO after buying some blank writables… But will that fix all my hardware problems?

Sorry to repeat the usual problems, but I looked around and found no previousrelated threads. If you are so kind to reply, please also do so in a message, so I can catch it in my pop3 later :slight_smile: Much love.

Request = Help however you can, please?!?!

If it’s a Winmodem, then I think you’re out of luck. If not, then you could turn off PNP in your BIOS, I think that can interfere somewhat. If your CD drive is IDE it will almost certainly work, have you tried playing a music CD in it? When you say not show up, do you mean in the file manager, or can you not access it on the terminal either?

I doubt installing from Windows will help at all.

If your modem is simply a PCI modem, you will have to manually tell the serial port driver about it. You can look at the output of ‘pci -v’, run as root and find your modem there (or serial port). You can then start devc-ser8250 with the appropriate params found in the pci listing.

If it is a winmodem, it will not work. winmodems need custom drivers and unless you want to write one for your modem, you are out of luck.