Qnet hostname

When hostname is set to the default “localhost” then qnet will use the mac address to create a unique hostname.

On my node Qnet has created the string “EA2915c” from xxxxxx02915C where xxxxxxx is the manufactures code.

I’m not sure where EA has come from since this does resemble the manufacturers code. EA prefixes the string on all nodes since its the same manufacturer so at least its consistent.

Does anyone know how “EA” is calculated and why the manufacturer number is not used as is?


I took a quick peak at the source and the EA seems hardcoded. My guess is it standands for Ethernet Address, but there is nothing I could find in the the source code that confirm this.

p = dp->en_mac_addr.sa_data;
sprintf(mac_name,“EA%x%x%x”, p[3], p[4], p[5]);

Given that hostname can longer then this ( i thing), would have been safer to use the full MAC address, there is indeed a chance that two machine share the same hostname. Tt`s bad because it appears that if two hostname/domain are the same that qnet will go offline. I made a post on foundry27 about this.