How Do I Install XPhoton

I received QNX RTOS 6 from a Magazine cover CD and after a brief and painless installation I have had a chance to experience just how fast and stable QNX is. Now I want to learn more by installing my own programs but the only guide I have is a Linux manual. First I must install Xphoton but I am in deep difficulties already. My Linux book tells me that X11 souce distributions come with a file called imakefile in the program’s source directory, which contains detailed information about how a program should be configured for various platforms running various X11 systems. Imakefile should be fed to a program that generates a makefile specifically for my system using a script called xmkmf. However QNX does not recognise the command ‘xmkmf’ and there are several imakefiles none of which are in the program’s source directory. These are


There is documentation with the source archive explaining what you are meant to do. Obviously, whoever put this program together did not consider that newbies would want to meddle with QNX

Here are the steps I would take.

  1. Download the latest 6.2.1 CD from
  2. Download the latest XFree86 sources and latest XPhoton source from
  3. Enjoy!