extract disk i/o


i would like to write a piece of code, that will display the DISK i/o usage.
I have come across code that shows memory and CPU load.
There is limited documentation on this.
Any help appreciated.

hello, still waiting for a reply, anyone!

check out the devctl DCMD_FSYS_STATISTICS and the structure fs_stats as found in sys/fs_stats.h>

I have checked in procfs.h, but cannot find the definition for DCMD_FSYS_STATISTICS.
Also the front end to the above mentioned devctl, is not working.
Is it because i am using QNX 6.3?
Is there to do in this version of QNX?

when i said frontend, i meant the usage of ‘fsysinfo’

Could be. A while ago I wrote my own fsysinfo utility ( there is now one in 6.5.0 ), but I never tried it with 6.3. It’s so old.

I would assume that if DCMD_FSYS_STATISTICS is present in the 6.3.0 header file that it is supported.

i have had a look, but i could not find a entry for the DCMD_FSYS_STATISTICS in procfs.h…is there another header file, where i should be looking?

DCMD_FSYS_STATISTIC is actually defined in dcmd_blk.h. I can see a DCMD_FSYS_STATISTICS_V1 in fs_stats.h but not sure what it’s for

thanks, helpful comments…