pload details

I have a agent running on a 6.3.0 version of QNX.
in the terminal window i get the following message:

pload: Unable to access procnto: too many files open

what files is this message referring to?
Need some more information to understand this message.

You didn’t say whether pload was your program or something else. The last part “too many files open” looks like an errno string.

I’d have to guess (only a guess) that you’ve run out of fd’s. Pretty difficult under QNX 6, but in a loop quite possible. Accessing procnto, hmmmm. I think procnto mediates the allocation of fd’s in general, but in particular it deals with shared memory.

If the program doesn’t abort when this happens you could try “pidin fds”. If your process is running out of fd’s, you will get a very very long list.

BTW, at this point 6.3.0 is pretty ancient. I upgraded from it a number of few years ago because the SCSI driver was unstable under multi-processors, a problem that went away with 6.3.2.

It means a process has open to many files and the system has run out of resources. Try pidin fd to find which program as too may file opened.

thanks for the feedback, but ‘pidin fds’ is not supported in 6.3.0…
anything else that i could try?

QNX complains:

pidin: fds invalid shorthand

pload is not my program. This statement appears at the prompt in a terminal window.

I believe pload is the plug-in that shows CPU usage in the shelf. Either it’s a bug in (/usr/photon/dll/shelf/ or it’s some other program that’s consuming resources. Try killing any of your programs to see if that solves the problem or remove that plug-in from the shelf. I’m not sure, it’s pretty hazy but I seems to recall some issue with that plug-in.

If pidin fds is not supported I’m not sure how you can figure out which process is consuming resources, You will probably have to use trial and error.

well, i will try to disable the CPU Monitor from the shelf. If i still get the message, then i will try to kill the running programs to see if there is any change.