installation of QNX 6.3.2 development on Windows7

Has any one try to run Momentics IDE 4.0.1 (qnx 6.3.2) on windows7?
I installed it without any trouble and it kind of runs but when I try to start by picking file->new->project I can’t not expand any of the list to pick QNX->Phab project.

I tried the compatability options but no luck

Gave up, just installed VM on top of window7 to run XP to run the IDE, works good.

I though that is what you mean by Compatibility options, doesn’t Windows7 has a special mode to use a build-in VM?

windows7 compatibility mode doesn’t help, you have to either run with VMware or xp vertual machine that comes with windows7. I was hoping that a plain compatibility option will work without running any VMs.