Problem with transparencies in Ptwindow

Hi, i have a problem with transparencies in PtWindow.
I have a first application that activates a second application by means of a button. In the second window given a transparent or translucent to indicate that disables the application below which I can observe the values of that first screen. When repositioning the second application (with the left mouse click), the transparent background does not refresh, it should show that at that moment is below the area of the window but it is not.
Also, if I raise a third screen, and close it at some point, the image of the third is mapped into transparency by suggesting that it was below the second window, but it is not. Any solution?
Attached Images problem.


Let me see if I understand.

You have an application. It starts an application above it with a transparent window. You move this application, but the transparent window does not refresh with what is below it each time? Is that right.

I never tried this, but my guess is that what has to happen is that the application below needs to get a “reveal” event. This is the event that an region gets when it was covered and it becomes uncovered. I probably have the name wrong. But it isn’t getting the event because the Photon kernel thinks … there’s a window above it. So maybe what the window above has to do is emit this event.