shm_open and mmap from a remote node


I see that document says about opening the shared memory from a remote node (shm_open):

If you want to open a shared memory object on another node, you have to specify the name as /net/node/shmem_location.

When I execute the shmem open, everything seems to go fine (it returns me a healthy file descriptor (fd=7 - errno=0). The probles comes when I execute the mmap… It returns me with error and errno=48 (an unlucky ‘Not supported’).

As I remember it was not supported in QNX 4.25, but the previous comment had made me give hope, but It does’n seems to work…

Am I missing something?, Is it possible to open a shared memory from a remote node (/net/…)?

Thank you!

It is indeed not supported.

I thought so…