how to USB under qnx 6.4.1

How to call USB command under QNX? Currently I would like to connect a GPS with the COBRA board through usb, but need to program, so any suggestions? How to write command under QNX/Linux? Thank you.

What command are you talking about? What EXACTLY do you want to achieve.

I would assume the GPS uses serial over gps. I though QNX had a driver for that but couldn’t find one, so look for yourself in case I missed it. Otherwise you have to write your own.

Just plug the device in if you see /dev/ser* (* being a number) appear then it means it’s supported.

One more regarding USB in QNX.

Can we connect a pen drive to QNX and access the same from /dev ?? Is there any command to mount a USB drive?

it should be autodetect and mounted under /fs/.