Direction for new project

Hi all, i would like to solicit a little help for a new project we are starting. If approved by we will start a project tentatively called converj. We will be taking the Philips wvh111 consumer electronic originally made for aoltv (hw no longer made and aoltv no longer exists) and turning it into a home audio/video convergence device. The idea being that the device becomes a Media Center of sorts. If you are interested keep your eyes peeled on sourceforge.

My question though is regarding QNX. There is very little info on the net regarding the wbh111 but i ran across a cached google link mentioning QNX. I admit i never heard of QNX before seeing that, and would like to know if any of you know if it is indeed QNX running as the OS? If so, can i modify the current QNX or due to licensing should i be replacing it with one built with openQNX? Would Linux be a suitable replacement for the hardware? Any ideas, links, help, other is appreciated!



OpenQNX is not a project and there is no “open” QNX. There is a free “for non commercial” use QNX, but it does not come with the tools necessary for embedding (even though your project sounds decidedly non-commercial). So basically you can’t use QNX for your project unless you purchase (at the very least) the Standard Edition (SE) which will set you back about 4000 USD.

I suspect it is in fact running QNX and that you won’t be able to modify the version of QNX in place.

Thanks for your input so far! Much appreciated.

Are there any “embedded” OS’s that would be more appropriate for this type of application? Any links or guidance is appreciated.

Thanx a mil,