Audigy Support?

Is anyone currently working on Audigy support under QNX?

No, it is not currently supported and no one is working on it, though it is trivial for QSS to add the support. Check this thread and comment from mike:

Lestat greatly oversimplifies the amount of work necessary. The Audigy is not at all compatible with the the SB Live!, so a good deal of work would be needed.

I will leave it for mike (lestat) to comment ;)

In my point of view, anyway I think it is not hard :slight_smile: So here I stay :slight_smile:

Knowing mike, I trust his judgement.
On the other hand, it all depends on how you define “a good deal of work” :slight_smile:
If you pay mike for a day, and he gets the Audigy support for you, do you consider that “a good deal of work”?