What is resource Manager?


I am trying to undrstand resource manaer. Please anybody explain me briefly. Or any link is there to read about the same other than QNX site, please let me know.


Resource manager acts like a server which provides interfaces to various hardware devices. It runs as a separate process outside the kernel. Unlike device drivers , any bug in the resource manager won’t cause any critical damage to the OS as the kernel will not be affected by the bug.

Note also that a resource manager isn’t limited to hardware drivers. It can also provides logical resources. Because the QNX kernel is small, many system resources are built into resource managers, for example the mqueue.

A resource manager gives you a framework to have a POSIX interface for other processes to communicate with it.

That is not true, under QNX everything runs outside the kernel, hence bug in device driver will not affect the kernel. A device driver is often a resource manager as well.