im a bit puzzled!

im new to nx oss (im starting with linux actually) but i’ve seen some screenshots and comments about qnx and im trying it too. but after reading some posts i read in the topics “qnx 2” “qnx 4” “qnx 6” “qnx momentics” “qnx neutrino” and “the audrey”. im looking for info on innet right now, but i’d like to know the main differences among these versions (i guess they must be like win95, win98, win2k, winxp, and so on).


QNX2 4 and 6 are the progression of the qnx system as it moves through time. QNX 6 is the current version, 6.2.1 to be exact. Momentics is the name of the development suite, which includes the kernel, the photon gui, and various development applications. Neutrino is the name of the qnx real time kernel, the backbone of the operating system. FInally, “the audrey” is a set of applications which run on top of QNX which were developed by an independent user. Im not for sure, but I dont believe there have been any updates to audrey since QNX 4.

icic, thnx a lot for explaining me the main differences agent, i understand it much better :slight_smile:

tnx again and merry xmas!