How to make my via VT8233 AC97 sound card work?

i installed QNX6.2.1 today,everything seems work well except my soundcard.
i can’t find the driver for it everywhere.what can i do for it?
or i can’t use my sound card at this time at all?
anyone can help me?thx!

I don’t know which version of QNX you have. I am using the PE version 6.2.1B.

If you go to QNX Online (don’t know if you have access to it), there is an Audio driver for yoru chip available to download.

It’s labelled "Audio driver for the VIA Southbridge VT8233 AC’97 audio controller
The description is:
Audio driver for th VIA Southbridges VT8233/VT8233C/VT8233A/VT8235 (AC’97 audio controllers)

One you have it downloaded you should be able to insert it with “io-audio -d DRIVERNAME”

After installation you just need to reboot and sound will be ready for you :slight_smile:

thx for your help.