license or password for qnx 6.2.1


I have installed qnx 6.2.1 nc iso but it asks me an user name and a password,where can i find them?

Thanks to all


Username is ‘root’
There is no password.


Thank you Tim

Why install the non commercial version of this old OS?

Hi everybody, i´m Patxi and i´m new in qnx world, i have read a lot of this OS, and it looks like interesting for me to install it in my pc and try it, but i have a question, is there a free version or any way of install it for non commercial users?? or have we pay anyway for try it? sorry for my ignorance and thanks in advance.


The NC version is free to download, install and try.


Yes! thank you so much for your quick answer Tim! I was all yesterday morning searching on the QNX website and finally i found it!! this evening i´ll try to install it…will see if everything goes right…i´ll tell you…thanks again.


And yes i forgot it, as you said Tim, you have to download the Non-Commercial version, bye.


Hi! i have already installed QNX on my notebook Hp, and i haven´t had no problem at all, now i have to make its use familiar, you know like, connect to the internet, start working wi-fi card, ultimately see how system works and start to programming…will see.
Thanks Tim and everyone who help the others and make this a bit easy for us, the ignorants.