PPS ...

Hello all,

I’m trying to discover the PPS (Persistent Publish/Subscribe)
All I got is a Pdf (qnx.com/download/feature.htm … amid=20980) which is basically the help from Momentics.

A simple publisher / subscriber …ok I can manage that with an example of a second counter which is published and a subscriber reads it…

For my application I want to look after many attributes…
Let’s say : I have my main category : Device0 …Device0 is made of Part1 and Part2 and a Part is made of Value1 and Value2

So : Device
[color=white]------------|> Part1
> Part2

So, I think that Device1 is a folder and Part1, PArt2 2 objects with attributes Value1, Value2 …

But how can I see if an attribute changed , ex Value1 on Part1 …and not but forced to read also Value2… (how can I know which attributes changed ?)

What also if I introduce one more level :

[color=white]-----------|> Device
> Part1
[color=white]------------------------|> Part2

So Machine and Devcie0 are folders and I want to look after the changes of Machine…

Then I’m trying the notify groups… and this doc part is very dark to me…

This part is made by the subscriber right ?

But what is the publisher supposed to do to trigger the notification ???

Thanks for any help !