1920x1080 crtc-settings parameters

Do you somebody know valid crtc-settings parameters for 1920x1080 wide resolution? I mean those things:

  • refresh - 60
  • pclock
  • hpol
  • vpol
  • htotal
  • hblank_start - 1920
  • hblank_len
  • hsync_start
  • hsync_len
  • vtotal
  • vblank_start - 1080
  • vblank_len
  • vsync_start
  • vsync_len
    I would appreciate to have them too, thank you.

crttrap ?

I think crttrap only “probes” video chipset from “known” supported chipsets and uses crtc-settings file of “known” resolutions/color depths - as far as I know crtc-settings “knows” only standard (not wide) resolutions.

[Proper crtc-setting vary not only for resolution but also for display vendors. Try to find device correct time parameters on in internet.
You can also download moninfo.exe. Find line Modeline and derive parametres to crtc-settings.

Modeline “1600x1200” F=162.00 H1=1600 H2=1664 H3=1856 H4=2160 V1=1200 V2=1201 V3=1204 V4=1250 +hsync +vsync


pclock = F*1000
hsync → hpol
vsync → vpol

htotal = H4
hblank_start = H1
hblank_len = H4 - H1
hsync_start = H2
hsync_len = H3 - H2

vtotal = V4
vblank_start = V1
vblank_len = V4 - V1
vsync_start = V2
vsync_len = V3 - V2


Hi Vladimir,
What are the values for hsync and vsync?

To Vladimir: Thank you very much. At meantime I “derived” somehow the parameters for my display after reading an article on monitor timing principles on the web.

To koko: hsync and vsync “values” are “+” or “-”. QNX crtc-settings’ equivalents are hpol and vpol (polarity) where 0 means - (minus) and 1 means + (plus), I think.