Interrupt checking in QNX


is there any way to check the interrupts generated in QNX 6.5(like /proc/interrupts in linux) ?

Maybe you can be more explicit and don’t assume everybody here know about linux ;-)

What does check the interrupts generated mean? If you want a count of interrupts, it’s a very easy program to attach an interrupt handler to all of them and keep a count. You could access that count via a device using the resource manager structure. This occurs at the expense of overhead, which is fairly small unless you have a very fast interrupt.

As I am porting a driver from linux to QNX , I have mentioned about linux.

Ah ha! I think he is asking how to detect that an interrupt has occurred in QNX. So you have some choices. You can write your own interrupt handler and attach it, or you can have a thread that waits for an interrupt to occur.