Removing the Close button in a HMI player

Hi all,

I have a HMI flash player in which a SWF file is opened. Like every window there are options to “minimize”, “maximize”, "close " on the right top most area. I don’t want these options. Is there any way to avoid these buttons?

The HMI player is working in a QNX 6.5.0 x86 machine.

If you have the source, yes. In PhAB look at the resource for the main window, specifically the rendered options.
If no source, no luck. Well almost none. You could turn off the window manager, but then… you won’t have a window manager for anything.

I would like to know more about what exactly is PhAB. Source code of the swf file is not available with us. So will I be able to do it without Window manager?

I was kind of kidding about killing the window manager. It would get rid of the minimize and maximize buttons but would also make your system unusable. If you don’t have the source to the flash player, I don’t think are likely to be able to do what you want. In principle, you might be able to hack the executable to find and turn off some window manager bits, but you would need extensive internal knowledge of Photon’s widget library. I don’t know if anyone has that knowledge.