mkifs with QNX6.4.1


So as the umpteenth method to try and get a bootable usb for my pc104 board, I am trying … 000000Smi2

when I type in mkifs bios.ifs

I get

Unable to open ‘bios.ifs’: No such file or directory

According to how the command works, this should be fine. Or can I not do this when I am running on a QNX CD?


it’s mkifs >bios.ifs


You can run it like this:

mkifs bios.ifs

at least for QNX 6.3.2 and QNX 6.5 you can.

Noted ok, funny though all my script file use the > .

I’m having this same problem with or without ‘>’, any ideas?

Well if you are running from the CD, it won’t work for the obvious reason. I think if you plug in a USB and it appears, say /fs/usb0, then you could redirect the output to that device

mkifs /fs/usb0/bios.ifs